COVID-19 Stress/Anxiety Therapy šŸ’¬

COVID-19 Stress/Anxiety Therapy šŸ’¬


Regain control of your depression or anxiety

Great for: Secure and stigma-free messaging with your personal licensed therapist whenever you need to chat. Talkspace offers three plans to choose from. All three offer 24/7 messaging via text, video or voice. If you would like to haveĀ live talk therapy sessions, choose between Talkspace's $316/month or $396/month plan.

What's required:Ā Take an assessment to identify your therapy needs and get matched to the most appropriate licensed in state therapist.

AdditionalĀ information:Ā 

  • Billing options:Ā Offered as a monthly subscription
  • Hours of operation:Ā Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST